Important Information regarding the servers.

Moderator: RP Administrator

Hey Pandas,

We have been working with the Roleplay Admins to clear up some grey areas related to arresting and surrendering in our Roleplay Rules. We have made changes to a few rules which you should be aware of. You can find the full change list below.

Pandahut Roleplay Rule Changes
  • When a player surrenders, they must be taken to a police station and be FULLY inside before they the arrest can be called.
  • Once the player has been arrested and put inside a cell, their arrest warrant must be removed.
  • When surrendering, the player must not run away or teleport out. Doing so results in being KOSable by Police.
  • A new section was added to the rules, covering Arrests & Kill Warrants

In case you guys encounter any issues with the rule changes listed above, please contact a Roleplay Administrator or post under our Help Forum - Roleplay Servers Forum section.

Thank you all for you reading. Remember to closely follow the Roleplay rules! :P

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