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By Rose<3
This Saturday May 5th we will have 2 events!

4:30PM EST on 10
6:00PM EST on 13

Jet fights at golf course on #10 and Race at line island #13.

Jet Fight

The "Arena" will be around the "Golf Court".
(We will not be giving out storages for people to store stuff,(to have minimal structures). keep your stuff safe in your own base)

1. You are not allowed to build on your jet.
2. Players may only land to get refueled or receive more ammo.
3. Landing outside the made airstrip will count as an elimination.
4. If a pilot flies out of the designated area they will be disqualified.
5. Last pilot alive / in the air (exceptions for rule 2) wins.
6. Leaving your vehicle is not allowed. (exceptions for rule 2)

[center] The winner will receive 75000 (75k).
We will do 5 rounds of Jet Fight.


The race will be at Line islands airfield few rules that you need to know.
1. You may not exit your vehicle.
2. You are not allowed to build on your vehicle.
3. You are allowed to cut in front/block people, but you may NOT stop in the course and troll.

1. 75000 Bamboo (75k)
2. 50000 Bamboo (50k)
3. 25000 Bamboo (25k)

Good Luck Panda's, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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