Important Information regarding the servers.

Moderator: RP Administrator

Hey Pandas,

We have been working with Pleblo, Rose, and other Roleplay higher-ups to eliminate some of the grey areas in the Roleplay Rules. We have made changes to a few rules which you should be aware of. You can find the full change list below, with the changed and added parts highlighted in bold.

Pandahut Roleplay Rule Changes
  • Player-Built Structures: Buildings that fall outside of the requirements may be destroyed by Administrators.
  • The friendly sentry gun can ONLY be placed within a completely closed off base (inside the building), NOT facing a doorway (open or closed).
  • If a player is in your base, you may give them 3 warnings to leave. If they do not comply, you must warn 3 times in world chat before killing them.
  • You MAY NOT leave your vehicles on the road! If a vehicle is caught left on the road with nobody in them, it may be destroyed by Staff members! A warning to the vehicle's owner will given in world chat before the vehicle is destroyed.
  • Bodyguards may ONLY kill Hitmen without a warning, if their client has a hit on them.
    • For all roles other than Hitmen, the Bodyguard must give at least ONE WARNING in world chat before firing.
    • After the Bodyguard's first warning, Police, Bandits, or Kidnappers targetting the client may open fire at the Bodyguard.
  • Bodyguards must remain next to their client at all times. This is to prevent bodyguards from protecting their clients from the other side of the map, which would be considered FailRP.
  • Bodyguards may protect up to a maximum of TWO PLAYERS at the same time.

In case you guys encounter any issues with the rule changes listed above, please contact a Roleplay Administrator or post under our Help Forum - Roleplay Servers Forum section.

Thank you all for you reading. Remember to closely follow the Roleplay rules! :P

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