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By Mushy
Hey Pandas,

There have been a few changes and fixes this weekend that you guys should be aware about.

Change List
  • RP Staff - When a player equips a gun, the weapon name is now shown in the logs, as opposed to its ID
  • Fixed a bug with players breaking out of cuffs by switching roles
  • Fixed kidnap assists not working
  • Added a 60-second timer for kidnap assists
  • Added a 60-second timer for rescue assists
  • Removed from the RP Rules page: "Weapons are NOT illegal items! Therefore Police Officers CANNOT force players to drop their weapons! (Unless the guns are unlicensed)" - Brylyth requested that he be given credit for bringing this up to Pleblo, so here it is. Credit.
  • A huge thank you to Rose for finding these bugs and Pleblo for helping us test the fixes and changes!

The changes above have already been implemented on both RP servers. In case you guys run into any issues with them, please let us know by posting under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :P