Important website and server-related announcements.
Hey Pandas,

This is a note to everyone that the we have contacted R1ght Cl1ck, the developer of the Rust 2.0 map on server #23, about the issues with Airdrops, crafting, etc. The map was promptly updated as of last night and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him.

We have also found the issue with this server where you could not equip items by dragging them into your hotbars/weapon slots. This issue has already been fixed and server should be back up and running normally.

The server's connection information can be found below, or on our Servers Page.

Server Connection Information
  • Name: Pandahut #23 [x5 Loot] [Kits] [Rust] [Dedicated]
  • IP: OR
  • Port: 27015
  • Map: Rust 2.0
  • Style: RustMod PvP [X5 Loot] [Kits] [Custom Server Configs]

We ask that you guys test it out for any bugs or glitches and let us know under our Bug Reports forum section. He also asked for your suggestions on any possible map changes, which we will let him know about.

Thank you all for your input and suggestions!