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iiFederal_Laww for Police Chief?

A new Police Rank Application has been submitted by Detective_Halstead.
  • In-Game Name: iiFederal_Laww
  • Server: Roleplay #10
  • SteamID64: 76561199024152612
  • Steam Profile Link:
  • Applying For: Police/RCMP Chief
  • Age: 14
  • Time in current rank and role: a Police Officer 200
  • Reasons why I wish to be promoted: I want to be promoted because I want to be able to protect Seattle more on a daily basis. I want people to think with all the police around they feel safe.
  • Higher Police members That Have Referred Me to Fill out This Application:
  • Illegal RP items: Berries, Glue, Adrenaline,& Morphine. Any explosives, stealy Wheelie, Spec ops, police clothes, and Coalition.
  • Previous bans: No
corrupt, application should be denied.
"8. You cannot pay or incentive people for votes, that is called corruption."
Mayor’s -3
I Do not condone corruptness

He is corrupt. He has said if you vote +1 you get 200 bb which is against the rules. I just arrested him 4hours ago for 1x illegal weapon 8x unlicensed and 1x unpaid. He isn't responsible to be chief and shouldn't be trusted. If he gets this im going to go insane. He also only has 11 total initiated arrests and 3 assisted. This is unacceptable for a police chief. For crying out loud he has been arrested more times than he has arrested others. He obviously isn't a law follower. Unacceptable. Wrote a x1 unlicensed for 500 bb

He also lied on his App he said over 200 hours yet only 102.9 hours online. And hasent even been police the whole time he has been on this server. Evidence for that in the link below.
Thats not true bc I changed my name from Detective_Halstead
What does that have to do with anything?
On the Detective Halsted account you have a total of 9.3 hrs of total playtime. And you cant become police for first 2 hrs of gameplay. So you only have 7 hours of possible police time on this account.


try to lie again next time buck.

Liers cant become chief so you a not responsible and trustable.

So please tell me where I can find 200 hours id love to know
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