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By pvt amar
not gonna make it too fancy, i'm quitting rp on ph. main reason was me getting banned for simply raiding but whatever. i feel there isnt really a goal of it anymore so yea. it was really great all these years on rp. the much competition and great roleplay was great. thanks to everyone who was ever on my side or even against me, special thanks to the bh members from the past and present, the bmc for they're great competition over the years and the long forgotten blackhawks members.
many names in my head i want to say but yea i love you guys, and good luck with ur lifes. also im giving away my money /arround 550k so tell how i should give it away :))
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By Burnt
Goodluck to your future amar. You did well as staff and as a player, I have to agree you alone brought a good amount of competition.

Have fun wherever you go!
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By GrandpaHoovie
bye, i still remember u taunting nando from the office during a kidnap
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By Outspace
Goodbye Amar! You were one of the few groups that actually tried to stand against the BMC for a long period and that was a ton of fun. It was a shame you started to lose activity and move away, causing Blackhawks not to be super relevent anymore.

Also, I hope you know that you did get to play pandahut long enough to see BMC disbanded. We disbanded it a couple weeks ago for a bunch of various reasons that I won't get into explaining.

I hope you do well in life, and goodluck with everything.
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By PhantomPear
Cya M8
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By Ze Golden Pug
Rip for a good man can we get some f's in the chat
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