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By Nando
Well, if you haven't noticed many people are paying there bail that we have to give. I believe we should bring back the 20 minutes jail times because many people pay bail and we keep loosing prisoners so fast because the bail is cheap of 1k or less. And the majority of people that dont pay on what i noticed is like 2players out of the 20 players on the server and everyone else pays.
I also believe that prisons should be able to have a court yard so prisoners can go do stuff like in real life and we should be able to park our cars in the courtyard that way we have a place to keep our cars safe and it wont be everywhere around the map.
Also bring back kill warrants instead of arrest because many people just coward away in there homes and there is no point of doing arrests if there just gonna do it again. Add a bounty hunter role that falls in the law enforcement job and that role will be like the hitman for police but a bounty hunter
the best rp system is many rp domains in the same server. Like a restaurent rp. hospital rp. and many other stuff.
prison rp can be really nice but the time must be longer in order to be able to make activitys
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+1 For making the maximum jail time to be 20 minutes. The jail time is short and I get that some cannot wait 20 minutes, but if they commit a serious offense, then they should be prepared to be punished for a lengthy time.
-1 To bringing back kill warrants. They are just one-sided hits for the police.
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By GrandpaHoovie
+1 on first
+0 on second, drk about kill warrants
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By ShrewdShroud
+1 on prison time. I'd actually love some prison rp. If prison were at least somewhat enjoyable less people would choose the bail.
-1 on kill warrants. Police have to pay for their hits like everyone else.
+1 I preferred when gaol time could exceed 20 minutes, but 20 minutes is a good limit. If I recall correctly, when I was working on Milton, Miku wanted a prison made that had stuff and could be used more for RP than just holding criminals.
-1 for the kill warrants part. Sure, arrest warrants are pointless but kill warrants are overpowered. Hopefully, they'll be revamped some day.
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By Cookie
as everyone has said kill warrants are one sided hits and i think they are unneeded unless they have a major rework

but i dont agree that jail time shoud be 20 minutes because its not really a punishment just an annoyance as when anyone gets jailed they pay bail or afk
also if u mean to bring back police regions i think thats plain stupid since you can just use /g for cars and you can aways build a big prison cell with a courtyard yes it may get raided but its part of rp you have to deal with criminals raiding your base as criminals have to deal with police raiding theirs
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By Bat-Kat
zero necro.mp4
kill warrants were annoying since any cop could come along and kill you, but you could not resist until you were shot which almost never came into play.
arrest warrants should allow captains and whoever can raid atm to raid to arrest or if necessary kill the criminal
irl some bails are specifically increased for people with high amounts of cash for the specific reason that they dont pay bail. bail, if really can be paid, should go directly into the town balance instead of into the pocket of the arresting officer just like real life. 20 minute bail time is fair as it is technically a punishment because you're either forced to lose money or afk for 20 minutes which is p boring. I think bail should be made into more money since it's not that detrimental to lose 2k to a lot of the people who do end up getting arrested, maybe something like 300 per minute.

also im sure if you really wanted to you can ask one of the admins if you can make a courtyard

+1 to 20 min bail time
-1 to kill warrants
make it so you can raid for arrest warrants and potentially kill
make bail go into town balance
increase bail
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