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Kent raceway is starting to get laggy its fine if i look away but when i look at it i get 9-15 FPS and it's not my computers fault it's the Location there's too much projectiles/elements
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By Cookie
id say its ur pc its the same as seattle for me i get 40 fps in both and same ammount of lag lines
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By GrandpaHoovie
Or start a town in a mil base, everett, tacoma, or actually use seattle
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By Bat-Kat
im starting a calming fishing company after i quit on a different alias for sure that goes on weekly fishing trips, exclusively for the boys
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By Matty
Yes I am aware of that, I’m being more strict on berry planting (now only one plot allowed per player) since there’s people who placed like 5 plots full of berries which lagged the whole city.

Tip = lower your draw distance