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By OldMervan
I miss so much the pandahut 3 modded and i know the modded thing was not updated and all that, i just need an answer for is it getting open with som new modded stuff or will it not come up again?
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By Aren
It most likely won’t ever come back since mods are not often updated. It would cause a bunch of problems if we were to bring it back and then have that mod never get updated...
There is so much of this community that wants the modded server back idk why you can't just make it happen.
Yes it would be difficult upkeep but who knows it could draw in more players back to pandahut.
I would like the modded server back maybe not replace panahut 3 since that is vanilla+ but maybe you could replace a server that nobody plays on like pandahut 17. I don't really see a need for 2 pei kit pvp.
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By Burnt
No one will play Yukon but what if we had modded Yukon (insert thinking emoji)
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Modded pvp would be pretty fun and I think a bunch of people could agree with me I think it would bring more light to the pandahut pvp community.