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By doomsday112
Hello A new business has arrived to PandaHut 13. SouthSide ILT. SouthSide is a airport /transportation/ delivery business we do all sorts from doing the new Pei daily delivery that you can sign up to below. we also do skydiving, tours, taxiing and Flights to different airports. If you are looking for a job to fill in your time please apply below or on our discord. And if you want to come see us in game we are located at
0001 Willison drive PEI. Thank you for your time if you have any questions feel free to ask.
(copy me)
Were is your building you want to be register located at?
What is your player name?
What is your steam64 id?
Are you a user of pandahut 13?
Are you willing to pay a fee of 200$ to set up your address?
Have you ever had a postal address in pandahut?
Do you know our delivery dates?
Lastly do you agree with our delivery agreements?
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By doomsday112
[copy me]

Your steam64 id:
Your ingame name:
Have you used our services?:
What is your preferred job?:
[JOBS][Mechanic, heli pilot, plane pilot, traffic control tower, guard house, taxi driver, bus driver & tour guide]
Time as a pilot?:
Rate your driving. [10=very good 0= very bad]?
Why you want to be hired?:
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By Bat-Kat
This is already a thing?
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By SpadesOfJack
Your steam64 id: Check my signature :P
Your ingame name: SpadesOfJack
Have you used our services?: Nope, never before; Was gonna donate, but went broke :dizzy_face:
What is your preferred job?: Being a guard in the guard house
Rate your driving. [10=very good 0= very bad]? 4, Do I need to drive to be a guard?
Why you want to be hired?: Well, I just wanna do something on #13, when I'm bored and wanna stop some raids! :P