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ign - Oldman AJ
Steam name - Enigmatic AJ
SteamID64 - 76561198379770346
Fav Role - Decorator / Builder cuz I love being a businessman in-game, Mostly I would step up a shop and sell stuff or I would sell items by traveling around the town just like a merchant on wheels. I hate violence in general so I would try out things that won't put someone in trouble, But for now, I m just focusing on the media side of unturned
Favorite Artist - Avril Lavigne, NF
Favorite Band - (Definitely it's not gonna be BTS) Fozzy , One Direction, Black veil Brides and a little bit of slipknot
Name: Ze Golden Pug or Beagle to some ;-;
Steam Id- 76561198157218382
Favorite Role: Salesman/Builder- Easy and consistent cash via selling logs and for salesman many other things. Cause who doesn't want money in Pandahut to flex very smol on their friends.
Favorite Song- Red Cold River
Favorite Artist- Breaking Benjamin
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In-Game Name: ZERO
S64 ID: 76561198213074103
Favorite Role: Bodyguard
Reason: I can guard BMC. I can raid with no cooldown with BMC members so they have better protection against cops and players. I can kidnap with my client, counter arrests on my client, rescue my client, kill hitman if my client has a hit, roam freely while guarding my client, have a fast car, rob with my client, arrest with my client, get paid for my services, and kill people. Yeah, probably because I can kill people a lot in all types of scenarios.
Favorite Song: A Little Bird Told Me (my favorite song shifts a lot tbh)
Favorite Artist: SadBoyProlific (same as above, favorite artist shifts a lot as well)
ingame name jlolley
s64 76561198963287922
favorite role: whatever i need. macgyver style, always have the right thing for the job and if i dont, i make it or get it.
favorite song: changes alot but anything by chet atkins, merle travis, tommy emmanuel.
favorite artist: chet atkins.