Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
I am giving away 3 million bamboo split between 10 people
5 people will get 400k, totaling 2 million
5 people will get 200k, totaling 1 million.

Nobody will get both rewards, and these rewards will be based off a few things.

To enter the giveaway I need your in game name, your steamid64, and your favorite role and why. Edit; Please also add your favorite song/artist

Winners will be based off the explanations for the roles or randomly, I have not decided yet.

The giveaway will end on October 31st, so its gonna be spooky times.

My steamid64: 76561198273162335
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Name: sp4x/spooks
steamid64: 76561198847398905
fav role: since you didn't say current role, imma hit u with a throwback and say my favorite role is prob hobo (sorry burnt, ik its "ur role"), because it's useless, just like me :-)
fav song/artist: soulja boy or r. kelly
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Name: Rose :D
steamid64: 76561198315482899
Favourite Role: I have 2. Obviously I have to pick the Rose role (R.I.P) And hitman, cause I get to kill everyone.
Favourite Song: "Angels" By Mayday Parade
Favourite Artist: Mayday Parade :D

Ingame Name:Helena
SteamID64: 76561198185153465
Favorite Role: I have played as a hitman 80% of the time i have been in rp since i got MVP+. Some people think is a boring role but i think is the only role that can bring the most out of rp at the cost of some bamboo. I have seen a wide range of reactions and outcomes, from people going absolutely apeshit and mass kosing after losing to a hitman, to people who lost to a hitman and backfired with millionare bounties. I have seen a ton of fat hits being placed overtime, from the 2 million hits people placed in 2018 to people like quavo getting in game and just placing hits above 500k. I have always found it fun and challenging, is almost like the mario party formula that lets you have fun but can shred your friendships :stuck_out_tongue:
Favorite song and Artist: My chemical romance and LAPFOX TRAX are the core of my music taste, western rock and the wide stuff lapfox does is my daily jam
o enter the giveaway I need your in game name, your steamid64, and your favorite role and why. Edit; Please also add your favorite song/artist
tyreek /
my favorite role is mvpplusbuilder, the kit gives u items to build with and you can build whatever you want. if you have the money....
my favorite song is space cadet my travis scot
my favorite artists is the rap group migos
Name: cotto4040
ID: 76561198211494655
Role: I enjoy being a salesman. As a salesman you can sell anything in the game. So in the past, I’ve build shops and sold everything for new players and old players. I use salesman to get quick money. Like looting places or chopping trees. It’s just a calming job to do when u retire from police and crime.
Rock: Rolling Stones
Country: Luke combs
Rap: juice wrld/ ynw melly
Name: Supreme
Id64: in signature
Role: Kidnapper cause you can kidnap and make lots of money as well as raid
Favorite song: 1000 nights Ed Sheeran ft meek mill and a boogie with da hoodie
Name: JacobandTay
ID: Within my signature
Role: When I used to play, I found RCMP Chief to be my calling. My time within the PSD made this community what it is to me and I will never forget it.
Favorite song: Call me a normie if you’d like but likely this as of late.
Favorite Artist:
Probably would have to say Horsehead or Tracy. Anyone from GBC easily though.
Name: HellRaiser0214
Steamid64: 76561198276695132
Favorite Role: Hitman. I love to be able to raid with my boy Cotto when he’s available and completely demolish bases while also being able to pop some caps in some noob asses when a hit goes live. Psst... I’m a pretty shitty Hitman lololol
Favorite Artists: Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Tesla, Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly.
Favorite Song: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel by Ozzy Osbourne