Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Cookie
K so im finna giveaway 49999 bambuu
Haw to enter

Name ing
Reason u want to win
Favourite candy

Will pick winner in laik 1-2 days
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By MrDeeTee
Name: MrDeeTee
Steam64: Signature
Reason u want to win: Otherwise I won't frick
Favourite candy: Those chewy babies that are really flavoured of chemicals
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By KillerClown101
Name ing KillerClown101
Steam64 76561198173207626
Reason u want to win I wanna buy lots of candy and start a candy company
Favourite candy 's: Harribo,Mars,Crack,Bubble gum
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By Oldman AJ
Name: AJ
Steam64: Check Signature below
The reason u want to win: I got a media company, so I would use this money for props, effects and much more :-)
Favourite candy 's: Maltesers , Kitkat , hersheys and much more :laugh:
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By Ace Clip
Name ing: oklolthx
Steam64: sig
Reason u want to win: Because of god REEEEEEEEE
Favourite candy: /kit food
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By Liona
Name ing Mother Liona aka El Mexican
Steam64 u already know bby
Reason u want to win: Ehm... I'm El Mexicano... and yeh!
Favourite candy Skittles
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By Yoshi
Name ing Yoshi
Steam64 signature
Reason u want to win Despacito
Favourite candy snickers
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By NeedlessMemeing
Name ing: NeedlessMemeing
Steam64: signature
Reason u want to win: Modpay is 100k, but an extra 50 49.999K wouldn't be bad
Favourite candy: any form of chocolate
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By AnarchyMachine
Name ing Anarchy Machine
Steam64 76561197988409977
Reason u want to win I need rockets xD
Favourite candy U <3
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By Voltz
Name ing Tok_FroZone
Steam64: 76561198257845625
Reason u want to win: i'm poor
Favourite candy : can beans
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