Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By MrBagelCheese
Leave these things to enter
Steam 64:76561198149436223
InGame Name:
Why do you want to win:
I'm doing this because I have 500k bamboo just sitting on rp and I never play rp so I feel like it could go to someone who actually could use the money
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By DoomNick
Steam 64: 76561198259172209
InGame Name: Nick
Why do you want to win: Because money is good and I'm a poor non donator.
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By NeedlessMemeing
Steam 64: 76561198110021934
InGame Name: NeedlessMemeing
Why do you want to win: Modpay is cool, but it'd be nice for some more bamboo.
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By Supreme Leader
Steam 64: in my signature
InGame Name: {wsm leader} Old Supreme Leader
Why do you want to win: modpay is ok but I spend alot and it wouldn't hurt to have more money
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By Yoshi
Steam 64:In signature
InGame Name:ThatOneYoshi
Why do you want to win:Image
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By TomatoChunks
Steam 64: 76561198102672252
InGame Name: TomatoChunks
Why do you want to win: I'm poor and need money
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By Ace Clip
Steam 64: signature.
InGame Name: Ace Clip.
Why do you want to win: Money makes me happy.