Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Klockmann
I decided to leave PH, so why not giveaway my bamboo hehe.

How to enter:
Write a reply to this thread with your favorite moment on Pandahut RP servers (can be everything)
And the best moment (in my opinion) will win.

Hello everyone
It has been a long journey. I started around a year ago, quickly worked my way up through the police ranks - and reformed how the police roleplay was with creating Pandahut Sheriff Department.

A year later, 4 mayor terms, rcmp captain, judge and over 7 different PSD application formats and around 88 pages of posts/police applications iam here today. (I kinda showed the old RP admins, that officers with sending applications could work)

And i feel it has been an incredible ride with a ton of fun. Last time i quitted, i resigned from RP Supermod and PSD Sheriff, but came back... This time it will be different and thats why i will giveaway all of my money: around 500.000 bamboo to one lucky winner.

It's been a crazy ride where ive met many awesome people through out my old time in staff, but also over 100 officers in my time as a leader of PSD and lots of criminals lel. Ive done mistakes, and ive done good things and it has been fun afterall! (I won't say names after all the ones i'll miss, cause there's too many)

Giveaway ends in a week.
To the Staff / My id64: 76561198128175925

Thanks for giving me lots of fun Pandahut! :party:
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You'll be missed Klockmann. You have given many others a fantastic roleplaying experience, and I wish you the best of luck on your future journeys.
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By Cookie
Good guy altough i hate psd you were a good officer and a nice guy (but u never realy played the game :-( )

For my best moment i think its when i met legaly blind my true first friend in pandahut altough he :crying: :crying: doesnt play anymore

Edit: steam 64 is in signature
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By Lancer
You will be sorely missed because you were a big help to the community and you leaving PH is just a sad moment because you left a mig impression. See ya later my dude, you wont be forgotten.

my favorits moment was applying for staff and failing alot.
By marowak
I think my favorite moment was when michael harrison said I would get rekt when stopping a raid by nando and 25nite on essentially my first day. They were all 3 talking a lot of shit and I killed them both then later raided the same base(police raid since berries) so it was kinda funny that I saved it then raided it. Heres the video of them dying :)

Also even though I havent been here along time, i think you did great as mayor and you seem like an amazing rper

Also forgot, nando and michael both blocked me on discord after this, although nando was a mix of other stuff its still funny
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My favourite moment is when you caught me wearing a captain's cap and took me into the cell and told me I couldn't wear it.
That was the first time I was with you on RP.
Oh and 76561198110021934
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By Yoshi
My favorite moment was when I first met you and 5 police officers helped escort you to every destination, you meant so much to us
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By Fox said die
Im going to miss u man

My favorite moment was when you,Yoseph, and i were police raiding a base and you got killed by thieving
Sad to see you go, although I didn't like you as a mayor, you seemed like a great rper.

My favorite moment was when I helped Enigma and the other 806 peeps transport crazy amounts of berries across the state.
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By mr.coco
My favorite moment in pandahut was when I was a beginner (chef) and no one was my friend, then cherry diesel came along, I was about to get arrested but he just gave me a warning and told me where everything was, like the license shop, stuff like that, it really struck my heart