Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
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By Toothless
So, since I barely play Pandahut anymore I figure its time to give back to the community that got me started. So im doing a 1mil bamboo giveaway for any of the OP Kit servers. Simply leave your steam profile link and a reason as to why you want to win. Goodluck to all!
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By Fuzzy

I would want to win because I enjoy the PvP servers <3
#139972 ... NoFriends/
Sorry for the Normie meme, But I like money and I want more.
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By mr.coco
My brother might start playing pandahut and this would be a nice way to start him off
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By Brylyth
I love hopping on PVP and giving stuff to players that are VIP/unranked, and this'd help with that, as well as fund my MK.II farming.
Hello i’m the current vice mayor of PEI and i’d like to help the community with this money and achieve even more projects for PEI that would be sponsored by the mayors office. Some ideas i uave in mind would be a homeless shelter, more car parks , funding businesses etc. I have 100k which might sound a lot but i could do with a bit more cash to help out the citizens.
I’d like to win to further help the community and the citizens of PEI so that the best times for pei will be among us.

I wanna win because I have like 4k, and I enjoy pvping on the op kits servers, and it would be fun to play more openly rather then being restricted to one gun loadouts
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By Mellon
76561197967310528 I like money, so give me some plox