Player Giveaways for PVP and RP!
In game name+discord name and number: Surfice, Surfice#2490
What giveaway(MVP+ or Bamboo): Bamboo
Donator rank(only for mvp+ giveaway, leave blank otherwise):
Steamid64: 76561198067298732
Who is a great friend to you on pandahut and why: Zero, he was the person who first introduced me to rp, and one of the main reasons ive stuck around so long.
Vulk and Killthevision: My original pvp pals from when i first joined. We used to play almost everyday, and vision was the one who first got me into jets. Its been a couple years since they have been on unfortunately.
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The winners of the bamboo giveaway are as follows!
JTD 76561198432345841
Anarchy 76561198213951331
Nicolas 76561198320744194
Tomato 76561198102672252
Pablo 76561198145538962
Gandalf 76561198880503709
Phantompear 76561198258599511
Pyro 76561199025079018
Surfice 76561198067298732
Bogel 76561198149436223

All 10 have already been paid their 100k bamboo! Congratulations.

The winners of the mvp+ giveaway will be drawn shortly.
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Kmsm has won the mvp+ to mvp+ chrome giveaway! Congratulations! I will be contacting miku and getting everything handled shortly after this post.
These 4 were the only 4 to apply for just MVP+, and therefore they all won! Congratulations!

I picked dragonfang and maplestrike for your kit weapon on pvp servers, you can go ahead and ask miku to change it probably if you'd like. :)

Aplays(No rank) 76561198830709560
Magic(no rank) 76561198957018776
Captain price(no rank) 76561198802335342
Goat(MVP) 76561198365347230