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Many of you know that the price of a Dragonfang Box costs 400 BB to purchase. I think this is good, but can be changed to have a lowered amount of around 150 BB or maybe even 200 BB per box. I believe that the RP Administration team should change the price down to my suggested amount in times of “war” (if you want to call it that). This could promote players to raid more, regardless of whether they have a rank or not. By causing more raids to occur, this gives the police more opportunities to counter a raid during a wartime. Another benefit of this is the decreased lag in Seattle or wherever there are a gathered amount of bases. You could also lower the price during times of lag or when a bunch of new players arrive (which typically entails a ton of new bases that are either abandoned soon or there are just a ton of bases). In order to determine if their is a large amount of lag or if the server is in a wartime, either the RP Administration team can determine that or the players can determine it as a whole. To summarize, the price being lowered in timed of war can increase raiding between groups, as well as giving the police more to do. The RP Administration team or the players will determine if the server is in a time of lag or wartime.
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Just need to make sure the "Time of War" status isn't always on, heh.
Good suggestion. c:
The wartime would be for wars between groups. Not just for raiding casually.

when was the last time you or anyone saw a player without a rank do a raid
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By cotto
i honestly think the price is right for the boxes. guys 400 bb is not that much money lmao.
Yes you in the right corner! Yes you in the middle with a green swearshirt, yes you, you and you YES also you with the moncler jacket! It is me, Pablo here to give his personal opinion!

Pablo thinks boxes Are waay overpriced, Pablo agrees.
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By Burnt
Sound alright.

Could go to a 30 minute cooldown too like before :playfulpanda:
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