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By Tony James
I think that when you redo the raid system make a certain number of player per raid. The is 2 ways of achieving this 1. You could make it a amount of players that you have to have to raid. 2. Or you could make a limit on how many players can raid in a single raid. Also make it so the can only be one raid at a time so suggestion 2 can work.
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By GrandpaHoovie
dude she is already reworking it
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By TurboAdam94
The raiding system is fine how it is in my opinion. No need to change this? Maybe if the police force was a little better and more equipped, the raiding situation wouldn't be a problem.
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By Eternity
-Raid system is fine in terms of this aspect.

I feel like getting a lot of BMC members online to raid one small base. When I mean a lot, I mean 7+ players.