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By Tony James
Now I know i was killed unfairly but mods and admins dont think so. Here is all the information i was in a base and I was warned to leave the base and he gave w1 which was stated [as leave my base Tony James w1] i was fine with that but then w2 came around and he said leave my base tny james and that is where he was wrong now w3 was the same as w1 but with w3 of course but whatthe main think to look at is, is tny jamesmy name or is Tony James my name.
this was solved by Miku and Outspace on discord, it was fair, if you didnt get out and the name was recognizable then its fair
speaking of if you didnt want to get killed, just get out of the base, 1 letter gone is still recognizable
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By Aren
Kill war fair