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By Fanta
I went onto pandahut RP to play it cause i was bored and when i went on i had ZILCHO, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING. All my money (and i had ALOT of money last time i played this game) was GONE and it just made me not want to play Pandahut but i did anyway.

My name on steam is LeggoMyEggo
My in game name on pandahut is Coffee
My steam ID is 76561198144796102
I almost forgot the pandahut i was on was Pandahut#13

Thanks to the loyal members of the pandahut community, LTTE (loyal to the end)
When was the last time you joined PH RP?
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By Stan
Hey there, if you played about a year ago chances are that you lost everything in the roll back. If not please state when and I will see if I know anything about that issue.

If however you were affected by the rollback you must email [email protected] with your SteamID64 etc.

I will leave this unlocked if you require further assistance or have some questions.
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By Aren
Looking at some of his previous posts, before this one was August 2017 when he asked for a balance reset.
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By Stan
Vicvo101 wrote:ok thank you for the info i will make sure to contact that email. Thanks :D