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By TheBlueBerryLord
So there I was, Flying a shipment of beans to Russia. A normal jig, do it all the time when I got a call from the Bean man and he claimed "these are my beans you berry bush" and told him to eat my refined berry's and he left. That's when I heard it, the sound of my beans! they were sliding out of the plane,(i keep the doors open for fresh air like any normal person) I knew why and who did it and cursed the bean man for taking my beans, so now all my beans are scattered across Russia. This shipment had a can of bread infused beans so! Whoever can find my god blessed beans can keep the bread bean. This is a national problem and needs to be solved or the bean supply might come to a complete halt. Just imagine a life without beans, would you even wish that upon your greatest enemy? That is why I am putting together a specialized bean search party so if you happen to find any of my beans please leave a tip on any sightings!

Blue- Please find my B E A N S!