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By nir_master
Hello everyone,

Its been almost 2 years since I actively played or followed anything pandahut related and I just thought this might be a great way to get meet the new community and also maybe get reacquainted with those who might remember me.

If nir_master doesn't ring a bell, I also went by the name Tony Fester in-game.

I would be more than happy if those who remember drop by and leave a hello and maybe we can catch up? my Discord is nir_master #2030 if you wanna contact me that way.

Aight catch you guys around :hystericalpanda:
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By Yoshi
Didnt you cause hella drama when the PSD disbanded?
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By nir_master
:bamboo: uhmmmmmmmmmmm ye you could say that but I'm here on fresh start if you know what I mean after all it been 2 years
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By PhantomPear
He's back!!!
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By Ze Golden Pug
more clips for me dawg
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By MattCobra
I would message you but you blocked me on discord when PSD disbanded soo...
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