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For anyone taking time off / going on a trip or any other reason for an absence of presence that cannot meet the the hours requirements. Will create a Docs for example.
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By Miku
This was the one for another server i was playing on somewhere along the lines would be a better way to deal with LOA's, Ban appeals etc.
Suggestions are appreciated but our current system for ban appeals is a lot more professional and two way then Google forms. You just make a forum account, go to the ban appeal form, fill it out the template and it creates it. The template is easy to fill out just like any Google form and any staff can post is on it as well as the banned player. Google forms would be really annoying to try to give access to all staff members, commutation would be probably over emails, slow, would essentially just be me/mushy forwarding messages from staff members to them.
Staff going on trips is dealt with by mostly private subforum posts and Google sheets, ban appeals are dealt with all inside of the forum