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By MemeOverlord
Hello, all. You may remember me as Meme Overlord. I am going to make a serious, 2+ (If possible) page ban appeal. I need help from someone to help me make an RP and Discord ban appeal. If you can and are willing to help, contact me on discord: Mango#7134. Help me come back and revisit this amazing server. Thank you so much!
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By GrandpaHoovie
welp, if u do come back, welcome and lay off toxicity pls
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By JacobandTaySteam
bruh moment. Write your own appeal. It's not amount, it's how you feel in it (or at least if I was staff that's how I'd decide). If you truly feel remorse for your actions, toxicity, and have changed whether it be your emotions or something similar, it has a higher chance of being accepted moreso than a 2 page essay,
Quality over Quantity if you ask me
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By Aren
Since you feel the need to have others write your appeal.

Don’t appeal I will decline it.