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Hello pandas!
so today 11:31 am (GMT+8) i did a FreeStyle rap/Fast talk and Me, HellRaiser and ZERO got an Idea to make a RapBattle
so i've decided to make a Diss Track rap battle Between Me and HellRaiser

so the Live Rap Diss track will be on the
"Friday the 15th 8pm EST"
and it will be hosted on "Music Channel Talking"
in the "Pandahut Discord"

i hope i see you there it wont be Fun without lots of people
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By Spartacus
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By Ze Golden Pug
The cringe of the century
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By Oldman AJ
Jake Paul of Pandahut
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By Sp4x
JTD wrote:Fast talk

if you’re referring to Slam Poetry, im in
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By Java
If I joined I would win the speed I can talk is faster than you two.
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its not like we all Rap about each other its just me and HellRaiser making Live Disstracks about each Other
and i just want to see you there in the chat with us not disturbing us while were doing our disstracks
then you guys will just do a small vote on witch is Beter