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By Cherry Diesel
I am quitting Unturned I no longer have time to play it, I hop on console and play games but I can't moderate or play unturned like I used to. its time for me to sign off goodbye thank you all for the fun times, I might come back or play the server but this is it Goodbye. :heartfulpanda:
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By Frosty the snowman
See you later old friend
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By Chromatic
We're gonna miss you broski, have fun and stay in touch
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By Fen Wan Wan
Goodbye old friend, gonna miss you
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By Liona
"lol k" - noob dog

"didn't ask" - noob dog

serious note tho, laters mate.

-noob dog
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By Apples
See ya dude, thanks for moderating and supporting the servers :)
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By Outspace
Cya, was fun having some competition for a time. You were a great guy to go against and work with as staff
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By Oldman AJ
Well it was fun having you here as a staff and you really did good as a cop at p10
Hope to see you soon after some days or maybe after some months