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By Burnt
Nice video.
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By MattCobra
Is this your indirect way of telling me that you miss us and the boys <3
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By Pablo Escobar.
Is this your indirect way of telling me that you miss us and the boys <3
Hi dad :heartfulpanda:
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By Cookie
Is this your indirect way of telling me that you miss us and the boys <3
Hi dad :heartfulpanda:
wait a minute ...
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By Liona
RP feels different cause the servers are mostly dead, the staff aren't as sharp and there is nothing to do tbh and big groups holding monopoly such as BMC.
seriously no one has had the guts to change any of this on their own :bamboo:
watch me
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By Dani Omerovic
Is this your indirect way of telling me that you miss us and the boys <3
Yes i miss you and The Boys 😭😭
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By Dani Omerovic
The times when you saw admins rping alot I.e Josh etc.
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By Bat-Kat
ngl i think rp became more balanced and unfun towards one side because people like to complain a fuckin lot. another reason would prolly be because people got worse at pvp over time, and a lot of good people left to do better things with their lives.

it's very difficult to fill a void of someone, especially for the people who knew the person who left the void. people who have joined like post 2018 dont understand because they never experienced how fun it is to like defend a police base from a raid. because cops were lazy and couldnt defend, even with sentries, they had to ask for a unraidable base that could store loot inside at a point. they dont know how fun it is to get into a police chase but you couldnt pop tires so you just had to shoot the car / criminal until they ran out of gas or died. and im not gonna say popping tires isnt like the best idea and shouldve been implemented from the start, but people were bad and lazy, had stuff handed to them, and made it unfun.
matt cobra was, and i can probably say this on behalf of some oldies - kinda oldies, the closest thing to a fill-in-the-void. it was fun when papi was around, and brought back a lot of 2016 vibes.

tl;dr, post 2018 ok, pre 2018 poggers, stop complaining about every little thing so much or else you'll never find the fun in it, george and bannedhammer have severe case of ligma, and remove police regions. police bases are inherently a target for raids, so if you dont want to get raided, get more players in your group.

also side note, as noob pupper said, big monopoly groups are a big part about it too. get some competition, people.
side note number 2, either buff bandits or nerf police, you cant have one side be overpowered such as the case with old kill warrants. make bandits able to kos 2020
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By Ze Golden Pug
Lmao no one I’m a pug feelings come last food first
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