Important Information regarding the servers.
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By Miku
Hello Pandas,

We will be wiping Roleplay Server #10's map on May 10th, 2019 (Friday) at around 4 PM EST (8:00 PM UTC/GMT), give or take a few minutes!
  • You will not lose your Bamboo, Inventory, Rank, Garage, or Vaults.
  • Only the map will be reset, and all of your buildings along with it.
  • This is being done due to how cluttered #10's Map is, we will be being a little stricter on random stuff around the map in the future! Make sure you follow all RP building rules!

RP Patch Notes:
  • We have a brand new Chat System on RP!

  • This chat system comes with a few notable improvements:
    • The Text is easier to read
    • It's overall more modular
    • Tags are much more proper now and moved to the left

Hitman can now disguise themselves under a different role!
  • Using /disguise, as long as it's a role they can already select and have permission for, Hitman can disguise themselves as that role!
    • Example usage: /disguise farmer


You can now do /checkself to check yourself!


  • If you are supporter, selecting a role that has special roles for supporter (i.e Farmer having mvpplusfarmer etc) will automatically select ranked version of the role
  • Code: Select all[5/7/2019 9:09:27 PM] [Info] [World] Miku [Miku]: "/role bandit"
    [5/7/2019 9:09:28 PM] [Info] Broadcast: Miku has selected the role mvpplusbandit[

Weapon Licenses:
  • You no longer have to know the weapon name or ID in order to license your gun! just do /license buy days or /license extend days with the weapon you want equipped.
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