Laws for Both Servers (#10 and #13)
Washington - Laws & Policies [RP] [#10]
Please beware this is NOT rules, only RP laws which police must enforce.
Office Theme: “”
Office Term: the 8th of 00:00 EST

General Information

- This document is the official Lawbook of the State of Washington. It is to be followed by all inhabitants of the State of Washington and is in effect during the term of a Mayor who endorses the Lawbook.
- Punishments will vary depending on the discretion of the authority involved. As a result, citation amounts, jail times issued by arrest initiators and Judges, and kill warrant rewards will not be listed.

1. Use common sense to these laws, please contact the Mayor if you have any suggestions to be more specific.
2. All of these laws will apply to everyone in Washington
3. Officers MUST trash all illegal items/confiscating items/etc they find.
4. Where 'reasonable evidence' is implied, this cannot include chat. You must either have a living eyewitness or witnessed it yourself. If the suspect dies doing the crime or after, you cannot arrest them or warrant them.

Section 1: Ticketable Offenses
1.Ticketable offenses are offenses where the suspect can be ticketed for committing them. These offenses can not be arrested for.
1.1Possession of 2 or less unlicensed weapons. 150bb per unlicensed weapon.
1.2Jaywalking, as long as the suspect was on the road, not on a sidewalk, for more than 10 seconds without any excuse. 100bb for jaywalking.
1.3Disturbing the peace, such as shooting a weapon for no reason. 300bb for disturbing the peace may be increased depending on the severity.

Section 2: Arrestable Offenses
2. Arrestable offenses are offenses where the suspect may be arrested for committing them. These offenses can not be ticketed for.
Current infractions include:
2.1. Possession of (3) or more unlicensed weapons, 2min per weapon.
Possession of any illegal item as defined in Part III § 2.
3 minutes of jail time per unlicensed weapon.
2.2.1. Chiefs, Deputies, and Captains may carry Grenades, Charges and Raw Explosives, Rockets and Missiles but not the other illegal items.
Ingestion of glue or chemicals.
2 minutes of jail time.
Possession of any banned weapons as defined in Part III § 1 by a civilian.
4 minutes of jail time per illegal weapon.
Having tickets that have not been paid for within an hour of them being given.
3 minutes of jail time per unpaid ticket.
Stealing vehicles.
10 minutes of jail time.
Non-compliance with any valid police warning that follows PH Rules.
Officer’s discretion as long as it does not exceed 10 minutes of jail time.
Reckless driving.
7 minutes of jail time.
Having barbed wire on your vehicle.
Officer’s discretion as long as it does not exceed 8 minutes of jail time.
Selling weapons to a player who is not a weaponsmith.
8 minutes of jail time.
Possession of any vehicle by a civilian marked illegal by Part III § 3.1.
10 minutes of jail time.
Contempt of court, as ordered by a judge.
Jail time is decided at the Judge’s pleasure.
Impersonation of a police officer by wearing any article of police clothing.
4 minutes per article of police clothing.

Section 3: Warrantable Offenses
3. Warrantable offenses are offenses where the suspect may be arrested for committing them. These offenses may be arrested for if there is nobody to give a warrant. Committing any of these crimes is 15 minutes of jail time.
3.1 Murder of any player that is not in self-defense (non-KOS).
3.2Assault of a player that is not in self-defense (non-KOS).
3.3 Evading an arrest.
3.4 Weapons trafficking (more than 6 unlicensed and/or illegal weapons).
3.5 Robbing, raiding or kidnapping with a testimony from a living person who witnessed the act, as long as you warrant or arrest within 15 minutes.
3.6 Exchanging more than 3 illegal items with reasonable proof.
3.7Carrying more than 4 illegal items total in any combination, except for unlicensed weapons.
3.8 Having more than 5 outstanding tickets.
3.9 The possession of any vehicle by a non-Chief or higher marked illegal by Part III § 3.2.
3.10 Perjury, by provably lying in a court case

Section 2: Demotion
1. An officer may be demoted if any of the following conditions are met, but this is to be left to the interpretation of the person handling the demotion.
2. If an officer is falsely demoted, the person who issued the demotion may be demoted himself.
3. The reasons for demotion are:
3.1. Committing an infraction without a valid excuse,
3.2. Committing any felony,
3.3 Failing to comply with direct orders from an officer higher than them for example, if a higher officer orders you to respond to kidnapping you must respond to the kidnapping.
3.4. Failure to do your police duties in a professional manner,
3.5. Committing a false arrest,
3.6. Corruption, with valid evidence,
3.7. Selling of police cars to anybody who is not part of law enforcement,
3.8. Selling weapons as an officer (and the recipient of the deal isn't a weaponsmith),
3.9. Possession of explosives under the rank of Captain & Deputy
3.10. Opposition to trash items that are illegal
3.11 Being out of uniform completely without a Captain’s or Deputy's exception

Section 3: Illegal Weapons & items
1. Illegal weapons have been made illegal as they have no reason to be possessed by civilians and/or are used in raids.
2. The current illegal weapons are:
2.1. Shotguns: Devil’s Bane, Chester, Bluntforce, Vonya, and any other shotguns.
2.2. Launchers: Rocket Launcher, Lancer, Military Launcher.
2.3. LMG: Dragonfang
2.4. Rifles: Grizzly, Hecate, Olive Hecate, Rubicon, Ekho, Matamorez, Timberwolf
2.5. Other: Hell’s Fury, Desert Falcon, Monsieur., Shadowstalker, and any high-cal weapons.
2.6 Berries, Rails, Grenades of any kind, Raw explosives, Charges, Detonators, Rockets, Missiles, Military knives, Stealy wheelies

Section 4: Illegal Vehicles
Illegal vehicles have been made illegal as they are either used for police or have weapons that use high caliber ammunition
Police Vehicles
Police car
Police helicopter
Police launch
Armored police truck
Police motorcycle
Armed Vehicles
Any vehicle that has a controllable turret in any way, shape or form is illegal.

Section 5: Search Warrants
1. A search warrant is issued by the mayor, captain or deputy which authorizes of officers to search a property.
2. You must comply with a search warrant if it has been issued by the Mayor, Captian, or Deputy if not this will be an arrest for non-compliance of 10mins of jail
2.1. If you do not comply with a mayor, captain or deputy warrant, your base can be police raided.

Jailing and bail:
Max jail is now set to 10 mins, and max bail is 1000 bamboo. Officers are to use their own discretion.
Division 4 (Special Crimes)
4.1 Contempt of Court
If a citizen is found to be disobeying a reasonable order from a Judge, they are in contempt of court. An Officer of the Law may arrest the citizen upon this order unless the Officer is giving evidence.
C-M: Judge may order a citation or an arrest on the citizen for contempt at their pleasure as well as how much time in jail 5-10 mins
4.2 Perjury
If a citizen is found to be lying whilst giving evidence under an oath, and indisputable evidence is provided that they are indeed lying, they are guilty of perjury.
M: Perjury is 10 minutes of jail time.

Section 3: Exemptions

1. Self Defence Exemptions
A citizen or Officer defending against an illegal threat, such as a robber in the act of robbery or a suspect in the act of attempting to kill or disobeying the orders of an Officer is not homicide.
Ex. Citizens killing a robber who is robbing another citizen is self-defense.
2. Procurement of Illegal Armaments Exemptions
An officer holding the rank of Deputy or Captain is allowed to carry and use explosives. All Officers can carry and use any firearm with a license.
Note: Common sense laws do exist, such as public discharge and reckless driving. These are all situation based and up to officer discretion. Do not abuse these situations

These are not subject to change

-Player and/or group bases are limited to a maximum of 2 stories high and dimensions of up to 3x3 within 100m of city limits/borders

-There must be a gap of approximately 2 floor-lengths between bases

----City limits/borders are determined by the location of prebuilt structures in the city's outskirts

----A range finder may be used to determine a player's base location in relation to city limits.

-Owners of buildings that fall outside of these restrictions must be given up to 24 hours to ensure their buildings are within legal limits. Failure to comply may result in the building being destroyed by Admins.

-Bases larger than 5x in each horizontal axis or taller than 3 stories within 100m of city limits may be destroyed on sight by admins without warning

-Bases larger than 5x in each horizontal axis or taller than 3 stories outside of city limits may be destroyed on sight by admins without warning

-Bases may be combined or exceed the maximum permitted size with administrator approval only. These exceptions are made for buildings located outside of city limits and permission is granted to groups that play a vital role in RP
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