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Washington - Laws & Policies [RP] [#10]
Please beware this is NOT rules, only RP laws which police must enforce.
Office Theme: “Blyat”?
Office Term: the 8th of May00:00 EST
Current Mayor of Washington Mayor's Office: ShrewdShroud
Preceded by: Snuffy

General Information

- This is the official handbook & laws of Washington Server used for citizens & officers.
- Please be warned the crimes do have set times and bails if a Judge isn't online for role-playing reasons!
- All Officers will be REQUIRED to enforce all these laws.
- Any corruptions WILL result in a demotion no matter the rank in the force at the time of demotion or removal..
- All officers, swat, etc MUST be in state-issued uniforms any officer who is not in uniform will be warned and if he does not get dressed will be demoted.
- Anyone found not following orders from a higher ranking officer will result in a DEMOTION all higher ranking officers MUST provide photo evidence or recordings to me directly or one of my ministers.

All bases within 500 meters of the Seattle vault can be a maximum of 3x3x3, spaced a minimum of 2 spaces apart from the next base. This is meant to reduce clutter around the downtown Seattle area.
-Only Staff members are allowed to break the bases.
-Premade structures do NOT count, only the player made ones.
-Police may put a sign stating it's breaking the law.

Section 1 - Common-sense Laws
Common-sense laws like (arrest & ticket offenses)
Murder, robbery, kidnapping, assault, attempted murder, roadkill, non-compliance, possession of berries, unlicensed guns, possession of narcotics, military knives, explosives, glue, impersonating an officer and shooting without reason, reckless driving, driving off-road, standing on the road. and so on.
1: Use common sense to these laws, please contact the mayor if you have any suggestions to be more specific.
2: All of these laws will apply to all in Washington.
3: Any police found being corrupt/not following these laws will be demoted IMMEDIATELY.
Arresting/Ticketing/Kill warrents
1.0 General
1. It is recommended that police/SWAT prioritize more severe crimes before less severe crimes if multiple ones are going on.
2. All officers are required to assist other police officers in the proximity of them unless if they are preoccupied with a more important task.
3. recommended bail is 150 bamboo per minute.
4.recommended that all sentences stay under 10 min unless if arrested for multiple crimes.

1.1 Small crimes (ticket)

1. Jay-Walking (at least 20 seconds) 20 bamboo.
2. Parking on the road/sidewalk - ticket - 20 bamboo
3. Unlicensed weapons - ticket - 50 bamboo per weapon (max 3 weapons, 4+ is an arrest)
4. Police impersonation (partial) - ticket - 50 bamboo per piece (max 2 pieces, 3 or 4 is an arrest)
5. Disturbing the peace - ticket - 50 bamboo (a verbal warning should be given first, no more than 3 tickets for this before an arrest or warrant)
6. Ingestion of glue or morphine in public - ticket - 50 bamboo
7. Trespassing - ticket - 25 bamboo (a verbal warning should be given first)
8. Possession of berries (including seeds, refined and pies), glue, military knife - ticket - 25 bamboo per item (max 5 items, 6 is an arrest)
9. Possession of explosives - ticket - 50 bamboo per item (max 2 items, 3 is an arrest)
10. Brandishing a weapon in public (holding a gun outdoors without the safety on) - ticket - 50 bamboo, or 150 if the weapon is unlicensed (no more than 3 tickets for this before an arrest or warrant)

1.2 Medium crimes (arrest)

1. 4 or more unlicensed weapons - 2 minutes per weapon
2. police impersonation (3 pieces of full) - arrest - 6 minutes
3. ingestion of berries - arrest - 2 minutes
4. possession of 6+ berries, other drugs (glue) or military knives - arrest - 1 minute per berry
5. kidnapping - arrest - 10 minutes
6. kidnapping mayor or police captain - 15 minutes
7. surrendered from kill warrant - arrest - use the best judgment for the time, should be equivalent to crimes committed
8. Illegal weapons - 3 minutes per weapon
9. Possession of 3+ explosives
10. Planting/growing 1-4 berry plants - 2 minutes per plant
11. Attempted bribery - 7 minutes
12. Indicating to an officer they do not intend to pay for their tickets, or outstanding tickets at time of arrest - 1 minute per 100 bamboo of tickets

1.3 Large crimes (kill warrant) (1.3.1 kill warrants are recommended to be raised if multiple offenses)
REMEMBER: The criminal must have been SEEN committing the crimes to be warranted.
Deputies and Captains should use their discretion when deciding the amount of bamboo used for kill warrant amounts.

1. Criminal possession of berries (More than 10)
2. Weapons trafficking (More than 8 unlicensed and/or illegal weapons)
3. Has been seen raiding, and has not been able to be arrested
4. Has been seen robbing, and has not been able to be arrested
5. Has been seen kidnapping, and has not been able to be arrested
6. Has been seen committing murder, and has not been able to be arrested
7. Has been seen killing an officer during an arrest
8. Has run away from arresting officers causing the arrest to be called off
9. Has been seen trying to sell, give or otherwise transfer any contraband/illegal items while carrying 5 or more illegal items, including those being sold, given or transferred
10. Planting/growing 5 or more berry plants
11. Carrying more than 12 illegal items total in any combination.
12. 5x Unpaid Tickets

Section 2 - Officer Demotion
2.0 general
1. If you see an officer being corrupt or not doing a good job, make sure to record it for evidence unless it can be proven in another form.
2. All captains/deputies/chiefs will be demoted to a normal officer.
3. All officers will be changed roles by a moderator if they are demoted.

2.1 how to be demoted
1. If you are ticketing/arresting/kill warranting legal things
2. If you punish too harshly
3. If you let a player off too easy for a serious crime
4. If your ticket/arrest/kill warrant without common sense ex: ticketing for unlicensed weapons in the licensed shop
5. Being corrupt ex: get bribed to not say where berries are being grown

2.2 how to report an officer
1. First check to see if he has violated any of the reasons in 2.1
2. Secondly make a post in the RP general topic forum with the title "Police Report : [reported player's name]" under Roleplay General Topics
3. Lastly, wait to see what happens during the report.

- Police Vehicles
1: Police is not able to sell police-vehicles to civilians. If caught so, the officer is able to be given a warning/demotion by a higher-up.
2: Civilians driving police-vehicles is now an arrest-able offense under the category: Police impersonation.
2.1.1: Police are allowed to destroy police-vehicles when they have arrested the civilian for police-impersonation of driving a police vehicle.

-Illegal equipment/weapons
The following weapons are illegal for ANYONE to posses (they are still contraband in sentries and storage)
1. Devil's Bane
2. Hell's Fury
3. Shadowstalker
4. Rocket Launcher
5. Lancer

The following weapons are illegal for anyone OTHER THAN police to posses
1. Yuri
2. Kryzrakez
3. 1911 (colt)
4. Grizzly
5. Determinator
6. Calling Card
7. Baton
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