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ImagePrince Edward Island - Laws & Policies [RP] [PEI] [#13] 
Please beware this is NOT rules, only RP laws which police must enforce.

Term: the 8th December 00:00 GMT+2 to the 7th of January 23:59.
Office Theme: Pushing Change
Current Mayor of PEI: Mayor Needless Memeing
Preceded by: N/A
The Ballot of November:

- This is an official law book for PEI.
- Please beware the mayor is NOT a judge, so this book will not explain the punishments of each crime.
- Officers are REQUIRED to enforce these laws.
- Corruption WILL lead to demotion / removed from the police force, no matter what rank.
- Not obeying orders from higher-ups will lead to a demotion. Please note, that the higher-up MUST have valid evidence, to demote the current cop. If the mayor/admins require the higher-up officer to show evidence, he must be able to do so

Section 1: Criminal Offences
1. Use common sense to these laws, please contact the Mayor if you have any suggestions to be more specific.
2. All of these laws will apply to everyone in PEI.
3. Officers MUST trash all illegal items/confiscating items/etc they find.
4. Where 'reasonable evidence' is implied, this cannot include chat. You must either have a living eyewitness, or witnessed it yourself. If the suspect dies doing the crime or after, you cannot arrest them or warrant them.

Subsection 1: Misdemeanors

1. A misdemeanor is a crime that constitutes the ticketing of a person.
2. Current misdemeanors include:
2.1. Possession of (1) or more unlicensed weapons,
2.2. Possession of glue, military knives, steely wheelies, or rails,
2.3. Jaywalking (minimum of 10 seconds spent on the road without any reason to be on there),
2.4. Possessing or wearing of (1) article of police clothing,
2.5. Disturbing the peace. Includes: shooting a weapon for no reason, causing chaos or any other offence deemed annoying,
2.6. Reckless driving

Subsection 2: Infractions
1. An infraction is a crime that constitutes the use of an arrest against a person.
2. Current infractions include:
2.1. Possession of (3) or more unlicensed weapons,
2.2. Possession of berries (including seeds, refined and pies),
2.3. Ingestion of glue or other drugs/narcotics,
2.4. Possession of weaponry that has been banned in accordance with Section 3,
2.5. Having any amount of unpaid tickets (not paid within one hour),
2.6. Stealing vehicles with a testimony provided by a witness if the officer isn’t in the area within 15 minutes,
2.7. The selling of weapons by a non-weaponsmith to anyone other than a weaponsmith. (A weaponsmith is the only role who is legally allowed to sell weapons),
2.8. The possession of a vehicle defined as a police vehicle or designated ‘dangerous’ in accordance with Section 4,
2.9. Non-compliance with a police officer that has a valid reason to warn you. They must use the standard warning system, and they can arrest,
2.10. Possession or wearing of 2 or more articles of police clothing

Subsection 3: Felonies
1. A felony is a crime that constitutes the use of a kill warrant. In cases where the warrant cannot be obtained, an arrest may be used. These may only be used if the crime was directly witnessed by any living players.
2. Current felonies include:
2.1. Murder of any player (non-KOS),
2.2. Assault of a police officer (non-KOS),
2.3. Evading an arrest for an infraction,
2.4. Weapons trafficking (More than 8 unlicensed and/or illegal weapons),
2.5. Robbing, raiding or kidnapping with a testimony from a living person who witnessed the act, as long as you warrant or arrest within 15 minutes,
2.6. Exchanging more than (5) illegal items with reasonable proof,
2.7. Carrying more than (8) illegal items total in any combination, except for unlicensed weapons,
2.8. Having more than (5) outstanding tickets,
2.9. The possession of a vehicle designated ‘especially dangerous’ in accordance with Section 4,

Section 2: Demotion
1. An officer may be demoted if any of the following conditions are met, but this is to be left to the interpretation of the person handling the demotion.
2. If an officer is falsely demoted, the person who issued the demotion may be demoted himself.
3. The reasons for demotion are:
3.1. Committing an infraction without a valid excuse,
3.2. Committing any felony,
3.3 Failing to comply with direct orders from an officer higher than them for example, if a higher officer orders you to respond to a kidnapping you must respond to the kidnapping.
3.4. Failure to do your police duties in a professional manner,
3.5. Committing a false arrest,
3.6. Corruption, with valid evidence,
3.7. Selling of police cars to anybody who is not part of law enforcement,
3.8. Selling weapons as an officer (and the recipient of the deal isn't a weaponsmith),
3.9. Possession of explosives under the rank of Captain,
3.10. Opposition to trash items that are illegal
3.11 Being out of uniform completely without a Captain’s exception

Section 3: Illegal Weapons
1. These weapons have been deemed too powerful for normal citizens to be able to carry and thus have been made available to only law enforcement.
2. The current illegal weapons are:
2.1. Shotguns: Devil’s Bane, Backlash, Chester, Bluntforce, Vonya.
2.2. Launchers: Rocket Launcher, Lancer, Military Launcher.
2.3. LMG: Dragonfang,
2.4. Rifles: Timberwolf, Grizzly, Ekho, Matamorez, Rubicon, Hecate.
2.5. Other: Hell’s Fury, Desert Falcon, Monsieur.

Section 4: Illegal Vehicles
1. Illegal vehicles are illegal for civilians to use, and may only be used by law
1.1. They are defined in 3 categories, police, dangerous and especially dangerous.
2. These vehicles may be confiscated by police through them unlocking it with a steely wheely and then disposing of the vehicle by either dumping it in the water where it will despawn or by blowing it up, after checking that there is no one in the explosion radius.
3. The definition of police vehicles is:
3.1. Any vehicle that can only be brought by those of a police
4. The definition of dangerous illegal vehicles is:
4.1. Any vehicle that has a controllable HMG turret on it.
5. The definition of especially dangerous illegal vehicles is:
5.1. Any vehicle that has a cannon on it that can be loaded with a missile.

Section 5: Mayor’s Estate
1. The Mayor’s Estate is a piece of land dedicated to the current mayor and his ministers.
2. Civilians caught trespassing on the Estate may be given three warnings to leave in accordance with the warning rules, and then they can be arrested for non-compliance. If the estate is currently surrounded by barbed wire, this rule is nullified.

Section 6: Search Warrants
1. A search warrant is issued by the mayor which authorizes RCMP officers to search a property.
2. You must comply with a search warrant if it has been issued by the Mayor (with evidence of the search warrant being granted).
2.1. If you do not comply with a mayor issued warrant, your base can be police raided.

Jailing and bail:
Max jail is now set to 20 mins, and max bail is 2000 bamboo. Officers are to use their own discretion.
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