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ImagePrince Edward Island - Laws & Policies [RP] [PEI] [#13] 
Please beware this is NOT rules, only RP laws which police must enforce.

Term: the 8th July 00:00 GMT+2 to the 7th of August 23:59.
Office Theme: Let’s Believe in P.E.I.-Duke
Current Mayor of PEI: Mayor Duke
Preceded by: Mayor Klockmann
The Ballot of July: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=23611&hilit=13+laws

- This is an official law book for PEI.
- Please beware the mayor is NOT a judge, so this book will not explain the punishments of each crime.
- Officers are REQURIED to enforce these laws.
- Corruption WILL lead to demotion / removed from the police force, no matter what rank.
- Not obeying orders from higher-ups will lead to a demotion. Please note, that the higher-up MUST have valid evidence, to demote the current cop. If the mayor/admins require the higher-up officer to show evidence, he must be able to do so.

Section 1 – Standard Laws
Common-sense laws like (arrest & ticket offenses)
Murder, robbery, kidnapping, assault, attempt murder, roadkill, non-compliance, possession of berries, unlicensed guns, military knives, explosives, glue, impersonating an officer and shooting without reason, reckless driving, driving off-road, standing on the road. and so on. 
1: Use common sense to these laws, please contact the mayor if you have any suggestions to be more specific.
2: All of these laws will apply for all in PEI. 
3: Officers MUST trash all illegal items/confiscating items/etc they find. 

Section 2 - Police Raids
1: Police raids can only be called by a Captain. The captain needs to have valid evidence, to perform the raid (as pictures inside the base) If the Captain is asked by the owner of the base, or the mayor, police or the admins - the captain is required to show this evidence no matter what. If failed the captain can get demoted. (this states in the rules too)
2: SWAT, if swat is shown on a raid, the normal RCMP's must obey this SWAT-officer. The SWAT officer is specially trained, and have better equipment than the normal officers.
3: Raids must be all officers first priority, officers need to respond no matter what they are doing.
4: Police must barricade, the whole raid-zone with police-fence if possible. 
5: Must do /trash command, and trashing illegal items. If failed to do so, it will lead in demotion.

Section 3 - Special laws

Toll Bridge / Checkpoint at the confederation bridge has been made legal, for PSD officers only to enforce. And this checkpoint/toll bridge is ONLY allowed to do by following permissions of Head RP admin Dutchy (Read more here: )
1: All civilians need to pay 50 bamboo to go to the other side of Confederation Bridge.
2: Higher Ranking PSD officers, are only able to open this checkpoint.
4: If Civilians, fail to pay the checkpoint /evade it - they can be arrested for non-compliance. 
5: At the checkpoint, PSD will /checkplayer you, while you pay to the highest ranking, PSD officer on the scene.

Vehicle, Gun & Traffic Laws: These laws apply only to civilians and not to law enforcement and government officials.
Please note: You must arrest the criminal, in order to confiscate his gun.
1: Illegal guns & armaments: All High-Calibre guns & rocket launchers.
2: All military vehicles that are armed with turrets and guns (this includes jets). All other military vehicles are legal.
3: All civilians are required to drive on the RIGHT hand side. Failure to do so will result in a warning leading up to a possible ticket.
4: Reckless driving is to be defined as driving on the wrong side of the road, bumping into structures as well as frequently changing lanes. Civilians are to be first warned, but then ticketed if the person is a repeat offender.
5.1. Berry Driving is illegal.
5.2. Officers can control this by pulling the driver over. Then the police can force the civilian to do a test, to go straight in a line. If failed, he will be issued a ticket - and cannot drive until the effect is gone.

- Non Compliance
1: This is an arrestable offense. Example: if an officer tells a civilian to go away from the road, and the civilian does not comply, this is now a legal arrest. (After 3 warnings)

- Trespassing
1: This is an arrestable offense. Basically if a civilian trespasses into a house/base/area that is barricaded with fence/walls/structures, this is now a legal arrest. (After 3 warnings)

- Alberton Parking Lots
1: These parking lots should be used at all times, instead of the road. Cars on the road/blocking entrances can legally be ticketed by the law-enforcement. anytime.

- Police Vehicles and gear
1: Police are not able to sell police-vehicles or police equipment to civilians. If caught so, the officer is able to be given a warning/demotion by higher-ups.
2: Civilians driving police-vehicles is now an arrestable offense under : Police impersonation. Civilians impersonating with clothes/gear is also an arrestable offense..

- The Mayor's Estate
1. This estate is dedicated to the elected Mayor of PEI
2: Civilians who trespass into the grounds of the mayor’s estate are eligible to be arrested on the spot. The grounds are frequently guarded by members of the police.
3: Raids or searches of the estate cannot happen by civilians or the police (region zone, so no loot inside)
4: During Mayor Duke term, the mayors estate will serve as the PEI Government HQ, housing all government ministers and chairing meetings.

- New Special Laws
1: Nudity is legal.
2.1.2: Berries-criminals must be arrested instantly and confiscated. People that have possession of illegal substances can also receive kill warrants if they escape police custody.
2.1.3: Illegal advertisement in world chat: like "selling drugs, berries". Is now an illegal ticket-offense and reason arrest the player for public disorder, and search the player in a jail cell. If none illegal substances are found, then release the prisoner.
3.0.1: To raid a house of law-enforcement you must have a valid reason and evidence to raid it. Multiple angles of the house and the illegal stuff inside is a good idea! (Evidence must be taken before raid unless its a denial of mayor search).
3.0.2: Officers needs to leave some sort of permanent message on the: destroyed house location, saying why, and who did this. (Example: Captain Matt Cobra has destroyed this house due to illegal berries)
4.1.1: The Official Force of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - will be advised by the Mayor’s office to join the official police-group which is organized: Pandahut Sheriff Department, led by Yoseph.
5. Rioting is illegal with the leaders of the riot will be arrested & jailed.
5.1. Protesting is only LEGAL once a permit for a peaceful demonstration is acquired by the protestors from the Mayor.
5.2. If the demonstration turns violent in any way, the permitted demonstration will be shut down, and the leaders of the protest will be held responsible for the damage.

Section 4 - Ticketing laws
It is up to the officer’s discretion to issue tickets. Use your own judgement but do not abuse of this system.
If a player does not pay off their outstanding ticket(s) within 1 (one) hour of them being issued, the player must be arrested. In the case of serious crimes or repeat offenders, the player may receive a kill warrant.
1.1.1: Ticket amounts are subject to the Officer's discretion and may be appealed to higher-ranked authorities.
1.1.2: Maximum of ticket amount is: 1000 bamboo.
2.1.2: Higher rank police/judges is able to revoke tickets.
2.1.3: Only allowed to revoke tickets if: its false tickets, dealt with otherwise like jail time or the judge decide in a court case.
3: More rules/info of how ticket commands work - can be found in the rules.
4.1.1: You can be issued a ticket if - You are violating following:
Police impersonation
Non-compliance with the Police
Gun Law violations
Offending public morals
Carrying illegal items
Traffic Law violations

Section 5 – Miscellaneous

Search Warrants:
A search warrant is a court order issued by the Mayor that authorizes law enforcement officers to conduct a search of a person or a property.
Police officers can ask civilians to conduct a search warrant too, but civilians have the right to deny the police officer’s searches. Civilians cannot deny Search warrants issued by the Mayor. (Note that the police must give evidence of being allowed by the mayor)

Court Order:
A court order is any finalized order from a judge stating a specific action. This order could be anything from an arrest order to a declaration of execution/kill warrant. A court order is equivalent to a law within Pandahut RP and must be obeyed by all citizens. As such, a court order must also be executed by a member of law enforcement if requested by the judge present.

Jailing and bail:
Max jail is now set to 20 mins, and max bail is 15000 bamboo. Officers are to use their own discretion.

Housing Insurance
During Mayor Duke’s term, a new housing insurance system will be established. A player can pay a maximum of 5,000 bamboo for a housing insurance and is then able to claim insurance on the house if it is raided/destroyed. If one applies for a housing insurance, they are then eligible to apply for government funding of up to 10k as promised in my electoral manifesto. This applies for houses and shops.
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