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By Classified_
Hello everyone! On November 16th we will be hosting a Jet Fight event over the Golf Course, and November 29th we will be hosting a Tower Defense type of event!
Event time for JetFight: November 16th, 4.30 PM EST
Event time for TowerDefense / Team V. Team: November 29th, 5 PM EST

Jet Fight

You're in the sky, fighting to be the last person alive, you may only land at the designated airfield to pick up more ammo or refuel but ONLY when needed.

1. You may not use ANY item that we didn't give you.
2. Don't leave the designated air-space, you will be disqualified.
3. Repairing, buying or leaving your main vehicle will disqualify you.
Winners receive 50000 bamboo.
We will do 4-5 rounds.
Tower Defense

You + your team is either in a tower or rushing a tower to win! You either have to kill everyone defending or break the claim flag. If you're a defender you will only win by killing all the attackers.

1. You may not use ANY item that we didn't give you.
2. Don't TP anyone in, or out of the event.
3. Glitching or going out of the designated zone will disqualify you.
4. Going on top of the borders or roofs (which isn't obviously made for playing), is not allowed.
Winners will receive 35.000 Bamboo
We will have 6 rounds (3 on each side).

Good Luck Pandas, and I hope everyone will be able to participate! :party:
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Reminder: Event tonight!