Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

During the current stay-at-home period we've been quite productive and have some exciting changes to share with you. For this post, we will outline all the changers and additions that we've made to our Unturned servers and RP rules. As some of you may already have noticed, we added several new payment methods to our store, which we hope to have operational within a week's time.

In-Game Changes and Additions - All Servers
  • Reformatted /sellbox output.
  • Fixed some display issues with the /kits command.
  • Changed vehicle-purchase cooldown to 60 seconds.
  • Upgraded GodMode for admins and admin-cuffed players.
  • The /ignore <PlayerName> command should now block /pm's.
    • If you /pm someone who is on your ignore list, they can still reply to you using the /r command.
  • Muted players cannot /pm
    • If you /pm someone who is muted, they can still reply to you using the /r command.
  • Minor optimizations and fixes for Rocket and Shop.
  • Fixed edge case misc. bugs.

In-Game Changes and Additions - RP Servers
  • Added /cooldown to display the current cooldown time for your Raid, Kidnap and Rob actions.
  • Added the /over command, which ends your participation in any RP events of which you are a member.

Rule Changes and Additions - RP Servers - Mostly formatting. New content colored in Red.

  • Extra Important Rules
  • During an RP event (Or countdown for event start) you are not allowed to switch roles or to interfere with the event.
    • Examples: You cannot switch to the Police role during the 2-minute countdown for base raids, or switch to bandit to assist a bandit being arrested.
  • If a weapon is already pulled out before RP event is called, you MUST use the warning system for them to lower it! Whether or not your weapon is on safety mode doesn't matter, as it's still already pulled out.
  • When putting your hands up to surrender to Police, Kidnappers, etc., performing any kind of motion to cancel cuffing animation is counted as FailRP.
  • Kidnapping and Rescuing - Readability, clarification
  • During an active rescue, Police in the area around the base are KoSable if they are in proper uniform (at least 3 pieces from a set of clothes or full uniform, must be instantly recognizable). This is to prevent police from running around, giving info, hiding nearby and calling rescue when they got an unfair advantage. Note: This applies ONLY to active Police rescues.
  • Raiding and Defending
  • Raiders: Once the raid timer is up, Raiders are allowed to kill any player in the immediate area (50 meters) of the base being raided, so as long they are still attempting to break into the base.
  • Defenders: Defenders consist of Base Owners as well as Police/Swat Officers. Defenders are allowed to only kill the raiders unless a random player is caught in a raid zone which makes the defenders unaware whether he is a raider or a civilian, this is considered as being caught in a crossfire and is not counted as KoS.
  • Bandit Raids: If an Officer in uniform is seen near the base (50 meters), they may be killed by raiders as they are considered to be defending the base.
  • Bandit Raids: If an Officer is planning to defend a raid, they must be in uniform to ensure that the bandits are aware of who is defending the base. Failure to follow this rule would result in a FailRP ban.
  • Proper Police Uniform: At least 3 pieces from a set of clothes or full uniform, must be instantly recognizable.
  • Bandit Raids: General Rules for base defenders
    • Defenders should be within 50 meters of the base to be allowed to defend it. This is to prevent players from taking advantage of the 2-minute cooldown or engage in cross-map sniping.
    • Defenders cannot come back after being killed, however, Police can. If a police member owns in any way the base being raided, they still cannot come back after being killed.
    • Defenders may destroy any raider-placed object to gain access to the base they are defending. They must not damage anything but the plates. They cannot use any explosive weapon or item. (Ex. Detonators and Charges). Armor-penetrating guns such as the Dragonfang are fine.
A massive thank you to Miku and our RP Administrators for their help in working on these improvements :heartfulpanda:
As always, if you have any issues with the above changes, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section for in-game changes, and the RP Suggestions Forum Section for RP Rule changes.

Enjoy! :hystericalpanda:
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