Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
Hi Pandas,

This is a quick note to let everyone know that we have made a few changes and additions to our website.

  • We have successfully switched to a new, more reliable and faster provider for our website, which will allow us to more easily expand, eyeing Unturned II's release.
  • You can now view the Pandahut Unturnov Player Standings on our website. Simply click on the "Standings" link on the top menu right here on the forums. You can see our KitPvP/OPKits standings as well.
  • The necroposting rule on the forums has been changed from 1 year to 3 months. This means that you should not reply to posts that have been inactive for over 3 months.

As always, if anyone has any issues with these changes, please feel free to create a post in our Bug Reports forum section.

Enjoy! :hystericalpanda: