Important website and server-related announcements.
Hi Pandas,

Following last week's RP updates, we started work on some new ideas and suggestions that you guys submitted to us. We have also worked on a few bug fixes, listed below. We'd like to thank everyone who hopped on the test server to help us test the changes in this RP update.


  • Removed a huge amount of lag that was caused upon player death.
  • Reset RP #10's map to get rid of excessive clutter.
  • Updated RP #13's map to remove Holiday theme (thanks Miku!).
    • Snow has been removed, and small tweaks & improvements were performed.
    • New buildings across the map and lots of secret easter egg locations!

Arrests, Kidnappings, Rescues, Robberies, and Raids:

  • Added a 2-hr new player timer to the Kidnapper role, just like bandits & other roles with easy access to weapons.
  • Added /arrests, /kidnaps | /kidnappings, /rescues, and /robs | /robberies commands.
    • These commands serve the same purpose as all the existing /<event> assists commands, but are easier to type.
    • Since /arrests is already an existing command, it also returns the detailed arrests list in addition to the list of players participating in an arrest.

  • When players leave the server, they will be removed from an event.
    • Example: If you are assisting a kidnap and leave the game, your assist will be automatically called off.
      • This was done in order to prevent the plugin from glitching out when players disconnect without first calling off their event, then come back 12 hrs later.
      • Applies to leaders as well. Transfers leadership to an assisting player when the leader disconnects.

Judges - On & Off Duty:

  • Added duty command for Judges: /judge or /judy - Toggles Judge duty on/off.
    • The purpose of this is so that players can have a secondary role on top of Judge, similar to how a staff rank works.
    • This should serve to add more depth and usefulness to the Judge role, coupled with the ability to issue out search warrants (more below).

  • Judges can change roles without losing the judge role. The Judge role must be added & removed by Administrators.
  • List of secondary roles under which judges cannot go on duty:
    • Bandit
    • Drug Lord
    • Kidnapper
    • Lawyer
    • Mayor

Judges & Mayors - Search Warrants:

  • Added /searchwarrant (/sw) command for Mayors and on-duty Judges.
  • Judges cannot issue a search warrant to themselves.
  • Aliases: /searchwarrant, /search, /sw.
  • Usage: /sw Miku "Hardium's base, Tacoma".
    • This announces in chat: "Judge Mushy has granted Miku with a search warrant for: Hardium's base, Tacoma"

Kill Warrants:

  • Fixed /warrants and /warrantlist commands showing expired warrants. It now shows valid warrants from the past 12 hours only.

PvP Servers:

  • Changed PvP Server #2 From PEI to Washington. Check out our Servers Page for more information.

These changes may require some rule changes, such as removal of unnecessary rules and updates in regards to Judge, Mayor, and search warrants. We will post an announcement about any rule adjustments resulting from these changes.

All servers have already been restarted and the changes listed above are already in effect. If you have any issues with them, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

We wanted to list everyone who helped us with these changes, but we won't pick favorites. This would also be a very long list, as we are thankful for all of you. :heartfulpanda:

Enjoy! :party:
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