Important website and server-related announcements.
Hey Pandas,

The Holiday season is upon us once again, and this year we have decided to do something special for our RP players during the next three weeks! Starting today until December 31st, we will be hosting daily Holiday gift giveaways in-game, on Roleplay Server #13. Thanks to Miku's awesome effort, Roleplay server #13 received a Festive Holiday theme, complete with weather effects like snow and chilly winter temperatures!

To participate in the Holiday gift event, simply find your way to the Christmas spot near Alberton Garage (Replaced the Community Pool), ensure that you are inside the designated zone and type /christmas or /xmas to receive a random combination of items from a select Xmas-themed list. The items contained in the gift bundles are as follows:
  • Random Drink item
  • Random Food item
  • Random Weapon, fully licensed
  • Random Holiday-themed item
  • Random amount of Bamboo
  • Random amount of Heatstims
  • Chance of getting a Random Melee Weapon
  • Chance of getting a surprise item
  • Chance of getting additional Bamboo

More Info
  • You can use the /christmas or /xmas commands once every 24 hours
    • The region and the commands are available exclusively on Server #13
  • All players with at least 4 hours of total RP time on Pandahut have access to this command
  • You will only receive a license for your weapon in case you do not already have one
  • These changes are temporary and will be available during the Holidays only
  • Stay warm in-game and IRL!
    • All players on #13 have the ability to purchase Heatstims (ID 1129) for 75 Bamboo while the cold weather lasts
We are hosting these Holiday changes and events as gesture of gratitude for all the awesome support that you guys have given us since the start of Pandahut!

Good luck and happy Holidays from the Pandahut Staff Team! :hystericalpanda:
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