Important website and server-related announcements.
Hey Pandas,

Earlier today we were happily greeted with an Unturned update which brought us a lot of exciting fixes and additions, some of which are outlined below. You can check out Nelson's full Unturned update notes by clicking here.

France Map
  • Today's update added the France map, a curated community map that we hope is here to stay for a while!
    • Nelson wrote:Now available in-game, France is a curated map that's been under development for over a year now by the talented team of long-term modders Vilespring, SluggedCascade, Renaxon and paper_walls84. This has been a labor of love for them, a passion project that they continued polishing until they felt it was perfect [Read more]

  • Click here for a full list of new weapons and IDs added with the France map. Please note that the list is still being updated as of this writing - Thanks Miku!

  • The France map can be found on Pandahut Servers Vanilla+ Server #18 and KitPvP #15. The servers' connection information can be found below, or by visiting our Servers Page.

  • KitPvP France Server #15 Connection Information
    • Name: Pandahut #15 [OP Kits][KitPvP][Economy][Dedicated]
    • IP: OR
    • Port: 27015
    • Map: France
    • Style: KitPvP - Start-out with 50k, Buy Kits with Bamboo, Loads of OP Kits, PvP, Economy, Shop

  • Vanilla+ France Server #18 Connection Information
    • Name: Pandahut #18 [Vanilla+] [Home & TPA] [Dedicated]
    • IP: OR
    • Port: 27015
    • Map: France
    • Style: Vanilla+ - [Home & TPA]


In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :party:
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