Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
Hi Pandas,

We have made a few changes and updates to our Rust Mod and Roleplay servers this past week, according to your suggestions and feedback. You can find a list of the main changes below:

  • Roleplay Rule changes & edits - viewtopic.php?f=46&t=25535 (Thanks Miku!)
  • Fixed issue with /licenses command (checks all your weapons for a license), where it would only show one weapon at a time. It now shows all the weapons in your inventory, one per line.
  • All RP tickets were paid off, on the house. The funds are available to the Mayors of both RP servers in their town treasury. :party:
  • Administrators can now restore your XP remotely via console, if necessary.
    • Effective next server restart.

Rust Mod
  • Reset the map on Rust Mod Server #9.
    • Cleared all player inventories for the map reset.
  • Updated Rust Mod to the latest version.

Please note that the RP servers will be restarted still today. This should take around two minutes and you will not lose anything. In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :party:
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