Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Mushy
Hey guys,

This is a notice to everyone that servers KitPvP #16 and RustMod #9 will be reset on Tuesday, Nov 13th at around 4:00 PM EST [NY]. This is being done to clear up map glitches such as falling through the ground, invisible structures, as well as any clutter or FPS lag you guys might be experiencing.

  • Inventories will not be reset on KitPvP Server #16.
  • Inventories will be reset on Rust Mod Server #9.
  • You will not lose your Bamboo, Rank, or Vaults.
  • All map structures/buildables will be wiped.

We understand that this may hinder your in-game progress, however map resets only happen occasionally and benefit everyone in the end.

Thank you all for your patience understanding! :party:
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