Important website and server-related announcements.
Hey Pandas,

This weekend we finished another round of improvements and additions to our servers! For players, we have added a new Roleplay event tool that you guys might enjoy, along with other tweaks and fixes. Today's update is mostly geared towards new and exciting Roleplay Staff tools and commands.

  • Slightly lowered the structure decay time.

  • Slightly lowered the structure decay time.

  • Aren has been promoted to Head Roleplay Administrator, alongside Ragna and Classi. Congrats Aren! :party:

  • Added Vehicle damage logging to Log Monitor, under RP10 Raids and RP13 Raids.
    • Shows information such as the time of the event, vehicle type, owner, and shooting player.

  • Added Player weapon equipment logging to Discord Game Logs, Soft Logs, and Log Monitor under RP10 Raids and RP13 Raids.
    • Shows the time of the event, player information, and weapon equipped.

  • Added the #RP10DamageLogs and #RP13DamageLogs Discord Channels to assist Roleplay Staff with modsits.
    • Should be used to check Structure & Vehicle damage logs, players equipping weapons, as well as event times and Player IDs.

  • Added a /setlocation and /return commands for Staff members, as suggested by Rose.
    • Usage: Before teleporting out to deal with a modsit, type /setlocation to save your current location. After you are done with the modsit, use the /return command.
    • This command is meant to facilitate modsits, eliminating the need to claim a bed before teleporting out.
    • You must be on duty to use these commands. They are available to all Roleplay Staff ranks.
    • The /setlocation command can be abbreviated to /sl.
    • The /return command can be abbreviated to /rt.

  • Added the /setspeed <player> <amount> and /stopplayer <player> commands.
    • The /setspeed command can be used to change a player's speed all the way from -10x to 10x.
    • Example: /setspeed Miku 3 would make Miku move 3x faster.
    • Fun events could arise from this command! :party: Setting a player's speed to a negative value inverts their controls. Forwards = Backwards, Left = Right. Inverted Unicorn Hunt? Send your ideas to our RP Staff team!
    • The /stopplayer <player> command has been added for dealing with modsits. It is similar to the /freeze command, but does not allow the player to move AT ALL. That means no elastic-banding, no steps can be taken.
    • Use with proper discretion!
    • To give players back the ability to move, simply type /stopplayer <player> again.
    • The /setspeed <player> command can be used by Administrators only.
    • The /stopplayer <player> command can be used by all Roleplay Staff members who already have access to /freeze.
    • The /setspeed <player> command can be abbreviated to /sp <player>.
    • The /stopplayer <player> command can be abbreviated to /stop <player>.

  • The old /restoreinv command has been removed, replaced with the /restore command added last month.
    • Usage: /restore <player> <NumberOfDeathsAgo>
    • More details here.

  • Fixed player warnings not being reset after the server restarts.

A huge thank you goes out to Ragna, Aren, and Miku for their all their time and effort in getting this huge update out to you guys!

All of the Roleplay changes listed above will be in effect next time the servers restart. In case you guys run into any issues with these changes, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :LovelyPanda:
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