Important website and server-related announcements.
Hey Pandas,

Today we had an unusual Monday afternoon update for Unturned, which brought us an exciting new Vanilla map: Carpat! You can check out Nelson's full Unturned update notes by clicking here. If you'd like to support the team that built the new map, check out the Carpat Map Bundle here: ... etail/935/.

Carpat Timed Curated Map
  • Today's update added the Carpat map, a curated map which should be available for a limited time. Props to BATTLEKOT, Potatoes, BlackLion and TheCubicNoobik for creating this awesome map!
  • The Carpat map can be found on Pandahut Server #18. The server's connection information can be found below, or by visiting our Servers Page.

    Carpat Server #18 Connection Information
    • Name: Pandahut #18 [Vanilla+] [Home & TPA] [Dedicated]
    • IP: OR
    • Port: 27015
    • Map: Carpat
    • Style: Vanilla+


Athens Arena Retired
  • As noted by Nelson, the Athens Arena map has been retired from the official map pool. With that, Arena server #8 will now be hosting the PEI Arena map.

In case you guys have any issues with the changes above, please create a new post under our Bug Reports Forum Section.

Enjoy! :party: