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Hey Pandas,

Unturned updated today (you can read more about it here) which brought with it an issue where some of you will have your game crash upon startup. In case your game is crashing when you start it, please use the following workaround until there is a new update from Nelson to fix this issue.

The Non-Visual Way:
(Make sure your game is not running before you do this)
  • Go to your Steam Library > Right click Unturned > Properties (Bottom Of List) > Local files (Top Menu) > Browse local files
  • Then just run Unturned_BE.exe by left clicking it twice. This will open up your game and you can enjoy your Unturned Experience like usual without crashing on startup!

The Visual Way:
(Make sure your game is not running before you do this)
  • (Note: Your Path to the game will probably differ from mine in this, but just ignore that. I have unturned installed on a separate Hard Drive.)
  • Go to your Steam Library, Right Click Unturned and click "Properties"

Go to "Local Files" from the top menu and then click "Browse Local Files"

Find "Unturned_BE" at the bottom and right click it, then click "Open"

We hope this helps. Enjoy all!

Update: Nelson has rolled back the latest Unturned update and this should no longer be an issue.
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