Important website and server-related announcements.
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By Miku
Hello Pandas,

This Saturday around 5 PM EST Pandahut #11 and #4 [Semi-Vanilla], Pandahut #9 [Rust], Pandahut #12 and #14 [Unturnov] will be getting a full wipe to the map and player inventory/XP.

Minor changes will accompany this update:
#11 and #4 will be forced to one character save only (No using alt. characters to save things)
#9 will switch to an updated version of Mantis (New Waterfall + Monuments upgraded / Claim flags restricting placement in them)

You WILL lose your server-specific inventory as well as any map structures. This is a full wipe due to the overall map clutter and start everyone fresh.

For Unturnov, Vaults will also be cleared.

No Statistics or rankings will be cleared because of this.

Thank you for your understanding
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