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By JTDyttt
Hello admins of forums if could set a pol on this voting that be grate

Ok hello everyone i want to build something big so i will let you decide on what i should build from this 3 choices

1: Washington customs (some people will remember this business)
2: Museum for valuable items
3: Giant chicken statue for fun because its a chicken

Note all of this will be outside of seattle
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By ShrewdShroud
a casino with russian roulette
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By Spartacus
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By GrandpaHoovie
a 1x1x1 room made of titani - indestructable - um with a generator and 5 sentries
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By JTDyttt
I see poeple are picking for Customs but only 2 poeple have picked customs so far
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By JTDyttt
OK im building the Washington Customs But i Expect that not alot of people will come Because who need there car to be Customized with windows and grils and ect

any ways if you are coming to the customs make sure to bring your car becuase i will put
Spoiler (if want)
and Other stuff That you would want on your car