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By Yoshi
Hey guys,

So yeah, I've decided to resign from my position as SSA and Supermod. Honestly, this resignation isn't because of any person or group, but rather the current state of unturned and burnout. I feel that unturned is in the worst state is has ever been in and was better before Nelson removed curated maps. The Nelson Snaps don't help either and the community is more toxic than ever, overall I just feel that unturned is devolving and becoming worse and worse. Burnout is another major reason, I tried spicing up RP, taking breaks, and even reviving 13, but all of my attempts were fruitless, The server just isn't as fun as it used to be. I will say that I am not quitting 100%, I just don't feel I can uphold the required hours to stay a staff member. I would like to thank all of the staff team that stood by my side throughout my time here, and I would also like to thank all of you for making RP so great, even if you hate me, the RP you created makes Pandahut one of the best communities of RP on unturned, if not the best. If you want to talk, my discord PM's are always open and feel free to comment questions.

See you all later,
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By GrandpaHoovie
Oh no, goodbye yoshi, it was fun knowing u as one of BMC's greatest members
Is wish the best of you, and when nelson fixes unturned, come back and help fix RP
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By Quavo
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By Aren
bye gecko, luv u still no food for you.

Message me if you ever want to come back :)
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By Liona
Sad to see you go mate, I agree though, the RP isn't as fun and the community are becoming more like Rust (toxic and salty) and just isn't what it use to be. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

-pood bog
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By Java
The overgrown gecko has joined the people who have resigned this month
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By Hardium
the community is more toxic than ever

If I ban BananAsriel, does that mean you will come back then?

Just kidding Banan <3

Good luck to you and wherever life takes you in the future. Please remember us and stop by every so often if you are able to!
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Good luck. I luv u
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By Burnt
Goodbye Terraria friend.

I hope to play some golf with you though <3

Don’t ever forget us.

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By GrandpaHoovie
oh ya terraria, time to shrek people in golf