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As Many have heard Voxil became mayor of PEI and I am his Minister of religion. As his appointed Religion Minister, I have made a religion that is of utmost priority. We have No Loot at the church, the church will work as both a Beacon of hope and a home for the poor and needy. Here you can Sign up to be a Pastor or such. Pastors assist me in spreading the word and assist in marriage, meetings, and Praying sessions. We also do not form our own group, rather just a collection of people assisting in spreading the word. I want to thank both Matt Colacurcio, Voxil, and Needless for supporting us.

Our Church is located at Alberton, nearby The Toll Bridge..

-✞Definition of Clout✞-

Power, fame, money, influence, style, etc.

-Beliefs and Religion-
We have a religion called Cloutianity, we pray for clout and mad guap. You can pray for anything you could ever wish for, clout, chicks, money, bamboo, or even brownies. Here at the church of clout we pray to the clout christ, our mission is to deliver mad clout to the poor,needy, and cloutless. We pray to the clout christ for the church's chicken as it is also a very important, sister religion. We also have a very strict set of Morals, No Gay Moms, No People under 13, No People without Clout, and finally No Virgins.

Hours on 13:
Do you agree to Not be corrupt:
Link to your Steam profile:
Your discord name with tags:
Do you understand that being corrupt will ban you from the church of clout?:
Why do you wish to join us??:
Do you agree to listen to higher up priests and pastors?:
Any higher up Priests and Pastors referred you?

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Jesus/clout is not real