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By Classified_
Us in the Administration team on RP have been brainstorming idea's for RP Events, but we usually come up with old ideas we have used in the past (Race, Paintball etc). Now we want some new eyes on things and hope you guys want to help us find new ideas we haven't used yet.

-Snowball fight
(edit: Arena, yes I'm talking about your CSGO style)
(Those are events we will NOT use)

I'll leave this topic up for 2 days, after that I'll make a new post with all the suggestions, the person with the most votes on their suggestions gets 10000 Bamboo,
while the second highest gets 5000 Bamboo

Note: Do not go off-topic in the comments as they will be removed.

-The Administration Team
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By Aren
Capture the flag.

2 bases, both teams must defend their flag. It will be placed in a maple crate once taken they must HOLD It and return it to their base. If both flags are out it continues till the other is dropped
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By Stan
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By Aren
Sniper wars. I’m a small arena we give everyone a Timberwolf with a 7x 8x Or 16x with 4-5 extra mags and 2 med kits. They snipe each other until no one is left
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By Social Skillz
2 Teams switch back and forth trying to deliever a very slow vehicle (idk what this can be, an admin can be the driver and so super slow) and at least 2 players must be near the vehicle in order for it to move. So Team A must stand near the vehicle in order to move it into Team B's base, Team B has to try and make the vehicle not reach their base for at least 10 minutes, then the teams switch, you can't shoot the driver or get inside the vehicle, but we could make it so if the driver gets shot the vehicle stops.
Capture the Point
Two teams must try to capture a designated point in the game, (a plugin could be added for this game-mode to be more easier, or admins could be at 3 points and call who captured what). So to capture a point a person must be at the point for 2 minutes to claim it. If the point is claimed, it takes 1 minute to bring point down, and 2 minutes to claim, so 3 minutes if its claimed by the other team. I don't know how this'll work, but seems like a good idea.
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By Pyro
Berry find: there are 2 teams team one will go to one of the houses in Seattle and set up a planter with berries and regular crops like tomatoes (there will be glass and regular doors on all of the houses) than the other team will have too find that house and in under 3-5 minutes, there will be fake planters with regular crops and no berries, and an alternative play is too have berries in multible houses and the time is reduced to like 2 minutes (building berries in apartments or something is illegal) and either team one keeps all the berries or some by the time limit wins, or team 2 takes all berries wins. The alt game would be how many berries team one saved or team 2 recovered, the houses already taken over will have their stuff moved for the event to the back of the house. To make things fair for team one, team 2 has to go into each house in one group and search the house completely, and for alt game, if team one false accuses someone of berries or harvests regular food, the points for the round are penalized. (Example, 20 crops 5 berries, some one harvests a crop -400 for the team so it isn't easy to win for team 2)
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By DerangedMutton
You start with a category of weapon. Or all weapons and slowly you progress towards the end of the game. For example you start with a colt and end with a hells fury
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By MattCobra
Bank Robbery: Two teams, cops and robbers. Robbers would stay inside the Bank for a certain amount of time. Robbers would then have to make their escape and lose the cops.
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By Voxil
Medieval Castle Defense / Attack - RP #13

4 Rounds - What will happen is this - 1 team with 5 members will be stationed outside the castle with the following weapons : Pine Bow, ZweiHander , SawTooth Shark Sword, Katana , and a knife (any kind) Now, every person WILL NOT have these weapons, 1 person will hold 1 of these 5 weapons, same with the other team, but 2 will Bows and the rest swords / knives. Once everyone in the castle or everyone outside the castle is dead, the team that survives wins

Outfits are as follows
Castle Defenders - Plaid Shirt, Cargo Pants, BLUE Toque
Castle Attackers - Leather Outfit with RED Toque
The Toques are to distinguish friend from foe.
(2 attack 2 defend)
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By Orange
aren.laurenza wrote:Capture the flag.

2 bases, both teams must defend their flag. It will be placed in a maple crate once taken they must HOLD It and return it to their base. If both flags are out it continues till the other is dropped

+1 as this was MY idea :p

another idea I had is where 2 teams get 10 - 15 min to build a base on opposite sides of an arena (ex: inside of kent raceway) with 25,000ish bamboo given to the leader of each team (preferably a mod/admin) who then dish it out to different members of the team to buy structures and weapons along with beds for everyone in order to fortify their own base and raiding supplies to attack the other teams base. The rules are is that you have to stay within the bounderies of the arena and you are not allowed to tpa people into the arena, they have to have a bed to spawn back in to the fight. A team will win once all the other teams beds are destroyed. Also another rule could be no explosives/rockets as they could demolish a base in seconds and would be no fun.

Another idea would slightly edit my previous one and would just have 1 team of defendants and 1 team of raiders.