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By Oldman AJ
Pengu! wrote:Yep it was nothing special, Yoshi just didnt do much as mayor and was already planning to go back to the BMC. He resigned, I took mayor and resigned less than an hour later. Alls we did was kidnap and raid. After I carried out the battle of Kennewick Hill, the WCS went to 13. Now it's just the BMC on 10 and just the FBI on 13. I'm actually having so much fun battling the FBI and they are too. I'll probably try to bring some type of bandit group to 13. The WCS officially ended.

Pengu, I do accept the facts that u posted right now, except for the WCS part, Well I interviewed Jrider yesterday and I will post the interview on forums soon or later.
About the BMC thing, What I was trying to convey in the posts that I previously posted is that BMC is not just a bandit group on 10, they freakin control most of the stuff & the worst thing is, They can even control the government now
PH 10 freakin need a good amount officers and a good amount of officials
Conducting an election on 10 is pretty much a bad idea if BMC is there
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By krezen
Name: [SPD Director]Krezen
What is your role: SWAT
What is your group about: we are a small police group that I just started up with nando.
How much do you request: 35k for outfits and a jail. I will be on later to claim
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By Eternity
Hey guys,

It’s best if you use this topic for its intended use as these posts might cause drama and get this topic locked. I know Pear wouldn’t want that, so just take it to DMs.
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By pvt amar
Pengu! wrote:Jrider said the WCS is over in vc yesterday, also there's nothing happening on 10 like I said.

the WCS is up and running. No problem at all.
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