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do you like my Customs (if you ever seen it)
What has happend to the RP servers
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By Burnt
Supreme Leader wrote:What's your opinion on me?

You can be irritating lol

Created some good fun on RP with your groups though.
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By Burnt
BananAsriel wrote:What is the purpose of life, why are we here?

To kill everything, ourselves included.

Mass extinction incoming everyone.
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By Spartacus
Burnt wrote:
Spartacus wrote:now i have a couple, 1. how many dollar bills do you think i have?
2. and do you think i'm funny guy?
3. do you think i bought this?
4. whatd your top 5 favorite watch brands?

1. 12
2. No.
3. Yes.
4. I like clocks instead, sorry noob :P

1. I live in denmark, we don't use dollar bills.. NOOB
2. I'm funny yes
3. i would never buy omega, NOOB.
4. clocks are boring, Noob.

5. Burnt is biggest noob
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By Burnt
JacobandTaySteam wrote:why are you burnt? did someone overcook you? if so who?

So When I first joined pandahut I went by the name "Fiish/FishPoop"

I met some guy who was named Buttered Biscuit and he blew me up on accident.

So I made a group called Breakfast unturned and decided Burnt Toast.

So yes, biscuits are evil, but delicious.